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Sharpening Kitchen Tool Diamond Tungsten Steel Sharpening Stone


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1. Demolition design, dirt has nowhere to hide

The disassembly design of the sharpener is easy to clean, delicate and does not hide dirt

2. Pull back about 3-4 times

Extend the blade vertically into the slot and pull it back several times in one direction. Do not pull it back and forth to avoid damage to the blade

3. The whetstone is a new high-tech attached masonry particle layer, which makes the grinding more precise and has a longer service life. This is also the advantage of the whetstone.


1. Keep away from children

2. Please wash for the first time


Material: Stainless steel

Type: sharpening tool

Metal type: steel wire

Body material: ABS plastic

Package Content


Weight 0.17 g
Dimensions 180 × 230 × 40 mm

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